Sri Poorna Maha Meru Trust runs a free old age home and annadanam center at Pallavaram, Chennai. The trust started in 1993, is a registered public charitable trust open irrespective of any religion,caste or creed provided they meet the basic admission criteria. We owe our origin and success to the sage of Kanchi who in 1987 instructed Sri Sesshadri and Sri Kasi Viswanathan to do something to support the increasing number of people who had nowhere to go in their old age and who were dying as destitutes. It was Sri Maha Periyava who asked the name “Poorna Mahameru” to be associated with the effort. He asked them to take care of such elders,irrespective of any religion,caste or creed, till their last, including their final journey.

Our Projects (Click here for the Tamil version)

1. “Thriveni” free old age home for destitute elders

2. Sri Matha Nithya Annadanam Scheme(Feed the needy) :  The kitchen at Sri Poorna Maha Meru Trust caters not just to the resident elders but also to visitors, workers and to anyone who walks in hungry to our premises under this Scheme . “Food for everyone” is one of the important mission of our NGO.The trust also conducts mass feeding/annadanam on special occasions like Navaratri, Chitra Pournami (Budha Poornima) and during various other occasions, natural calamities etc.

3.Sri Narayana Guru Leprosy  Mission:  Every month, volunteers from the trust visit and provides free food to few of the 8+ leprosy centers in and around Chennai.We also provide dresses,utensils or anything else they might be in need of to the residents.

4. Dhanvantri Free Medical Center : Our Medical center caters to the needs of elders and the nearby people of Pallavaram for their basic medical needs.

 5. Sri Abhinava Vidya Tirtha Educational Scholarship scheme:

The trust also provides educational assistance to the needy including children of Leprosy affected on a case by case basis under this programme. The children of the support staff working in the home are also provided such assistance.

6. Santh Tukaram scheme for Promotion of Arts and Culture

Our trust promotes the budding artists in fields like Carnatic music, Classical dances, Harikatha, Bhajans, traditional village folk music & dances and conducts events in our premises. We also promote painting,iconography based arts and similar finer aspects of our culture so that these treasures are preserved and passed on to the next generation.

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