The Growth


The growth of SRIVIDYASRAM School can be measured from the following data:

2002-03 2018-19
Classes 2 13
Sections 2 28
Boys 25 411
Girls 22 291
Total Students 47 702
Teachers 4 51
Admn. Staff 2 2
Class Rooms 4 29
School Buses 0 5
Support Staff 5 25
Kitchen Staff 0 2



 Launching  the High School (classes 6 to 10) called for a major effort to build more class rooms with suitable infrastructure (particularly if each class was going to have two sections each) and to  recruit and train more teachers continuously .   A two-storey structure was envisaged with 16 spacious class rooms (24’ X 28’). Four laboratories were also planned for the composite lab, the chemistry lab, the computer lab and an audio-visual room. The Project cost was placed at Rs 20 million.

 The bhoomi puja for the High School was performed on the 25th January, 2006. The goodwill the School was enjoying since 2002 made the task easier, with a large number of friends and well wishers coming forward to help. A class room in the High School block cost Rs 450,000. With God’s Grace, there were 16 donors who sponsored one class room each! By June, 2008, the School was ready to start Std VI in the new building. By June, 2012, all classes from Std VI to Std X have been accommodated in the new building.

 Apart from individuals, there were organizations who chipped in with their contributions. Notable among them were The Rotary  Club of Alamo, CA, USA, under the leadership of Mr.David Mueller , Mr.Steve Polcyn  and Mr.Vishwas More, the Rotary Club of Davenport , Iowa, USA , Rotary Club of Nanganallur  and the Rotary Clubs of Salem and Papanasam. They were responsible for the donation of classroom furniture , laboratory equipment, computers,printers, books and note books  and uniform for the students, generators , solar lights and school buses , spread over a four-year period.

 Asha for Education, Central NJ , USA helped to build three  class rooms.   American Association for Social Advancement of India (AASAI), Maryland, USA helped in fund raising at the nascent stage. Give Foundation, Mumbai lent its support. Aim for Seva , an institution blessed by Swami Sri Dayananda Saraswathi , also extended its  hand to support the school.

Children studying in the 2nd Standard in Tanglin School, Singapore made two donations,  to meet the cost of  15 desks and benches and later two computers. Mrs. Mira Chandramouli in MD, USA collected money to give new clothes to children for Diwali for three successive years. Sweets to celebrate Diwali came from Kothari Sugar & Chemicals.

 Mention ought to be made of Mr.David Mueller of Alamo, CA,USA who started taking immense interest in the project from day one. A Chemical Engineer of repute, he had a passion for construction. He would have been the richest handyman in America if he had not become a Chemical Engineer! He undertook lots and lots of work for his friends and neighbors and asked the beneficiaries to send the fair wage due to Srividyasram. A 70’X14’ dining hall built in the School was his contribution, apart from a class room (14’X12’) and a Chemistry Laboratory. But for his financial contributions, the project would not have been completed so quickly. The Rotary International Foundation, Chicago made him a Paul Harris Fellow in appreciation of ” tangible and significant assistance given by him for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations among peoples of the World “

 Mention should also be made of Mr.K.V.Ramani, a Sai Devotee par excellence, whose made the highest donation till now!  He also participated in the midday meal scheme of the School with a monthly donation. He was also responsible to have the name of Srividyasram included as a beneficiary in the Will of one Dr Kanakam Ramachandra in London which greatly helped to expedite the construction of the High School.