Feeding at Poorna Mahameru TrustA special diet regime needs to be followed when it comes to feeding the old aged people. Here, we take care of this fact and put forward the best diet that suits old age. Our senior citizens home serves only pure vegetarian food. They are served with a cup of kanji (Porridge), two meals and snacks every day besides milk, coffee, tea. Festive food is served frequently, when kind hearted donors feed the elders on occasions like the donor’s birthday, wedding anniversary or on the anniversaries of their departed elders.This community kitchen also provides food to anyone who walks in hungry as a service.

Hygienic Environment
Residents of the free old age home, Sri Poorna Maha Meru Trust

We understand the significance of hygiene and it reflects in our services. RO water system is installed so the drinking water is pure. The hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen is also taken care of well. A clean and homely atmosphere is provided for our elderly.There is a park just adjacent to the old age home where senior citizens can go for a walk.



Medical Care
Medical camp at PallavaramThe Home has a three-bed medical ward to serve the needs of the elders. A resident qualified nurse is available in the Home all the time. A doctor visits the Home every week. When the elders need special in-patient medical treatment, they are admitted into The Hindu Mission Hospital at Tambaram, where they are treated without doctor fees and room charges. Medicines are however, purchased by the Trust. Charitable and social organizations like Sankara Nethralaya, Lions Club, Rotary Club, Inner Wheel, Nandalala Trust and others conduct health camps inside the Trust premises, when medical check up and medical aid are provided not only to the Trust’s wards but also to the community at large. The medical ward also caters to the needs of the people nearby for simple ailments.

Leisure Activities
Our Home provide simple entertainment and information facilities like newspapers and TV. A “Prarthna hall” is a prayer place that is set up inside the Ashram where prayers take place. Many people conduct Bhajans here. On special days we conduct many programs for entertaining the aged residents. We invite young talents on these days to perform their skills and provide happy mind & environment to the elderly people. The children from the nearby schools and colleges come to this home and spend their time with the inmates and engage them with many activities & make them happy.


We have a small Go-Shala in our premises with 2 cows and a calf.

When we lose a beloved member of our Ashram, the final cremation rites are performed by the trust with dignity and honor.