What is special about the School ?

There is no profit motive whatsoever in promoting the school. In fact, substantial help is given by the Trust to SRIVIDYASRAM Matriculation School every year without which the School cannot function. The fees collected from the students hardly meet 60% of the cost of running the School.Social service is the sole motivation.  The children studying do so either free of charge or on a subsidy and scholarship. The school does not get any assistance from the Government. The parents, who are predominantly agricultural labour, are too poor to pay the fees that would cover the total expenditure of the school. That is why the school needs help from donors year after year. The School runs its own buses to bring 214 children from 25 surrounding villages. The fees collected hardly cover the expenses incurred in maintaining the vehicles in prime condition.

 While the medium of instruction is English, Tamil is also being given equal importance. The children are taught beyond what is contained in their text books. Hindi, yoga, karate, music and dance are also taught. The teacher – student ratio is kept around 1: 15, compared to the national average of 1: 47. This enabled individual attention being given to all the children. This is necessary because the children will not get parental assistance at home as they are all illiterate or semiliterate, with no knowledge of English whatsoever.

The school employs modern methods of teaching. It liberally uses visuals (videos, posters, activity cards, computers, toys etc.) so that the children quickly absorb and retain what is taught. The teaching skills of the teachers are also being constantly upgraded through in-service orientation courses and other training programs.

 The emphasis in the School is on discipline. Cleanliness and good habits come for particular attention.  Yoga and karate are  taught. Physical activities are encouraged. Children learn prayers in Tamil, Sanskrit and Hindi. Children are taught to respect the teachers and elders. On Guru Poornima days, children honour their teachers in an impressive ceremony. Particular emphasis is being laid on the development of good character, discipline and respect to traditions and values. Careful and constant attention is paid to every student to ensure that they do not develop any bad habit.

A large number of books are available to the children and to the teachers alike. Beginning with one computer donated by a parent in 2003, computers have been regularly bought and installed to cater to 25 students at a time.